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Day 5 and weekend round up

I took the weekend off from the job search.  My parents came over to take me and the wife out to lunch and a movie.  I clean ed out all the closets at the appartment as well.  It seems like a good time to declutter so its time to get rid of old comic books, computers, video games, books, etc.  That’ll give some extra cash so we don’t have to feel so poor.
Although we seem to be doing pretty well for me not having a job.  Between the severance package, savings, my wife’s income, and our tax return we can live pretty comfortably for quite a while.  That’s also why I want to get a new job quickly.  If I can find something within 2 months I’ll be substantially better off than my previous job.

Today’s todo list:

1.  Finish taxes

2.  Research unemployment

3.  Continue searching for jobs

4.  Fix clock on laptop (damn you linux)


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