The Doldrums


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Day 2

The weirdest part so far is the total cessation of what was my daily life.  The way I was dropped so suddenly from the day-to-day work life still leaves me with a feeling of things left undone.  What will happen with the projects I was working on?  Why do I still feel a responsibility for them?

From my list yesterday I’ve set up my gmail account, but still procrastinating on the resume.  I checked out some local job listings, but there doesn’t seem to be anything available that my experience would qualify me for.  My severance acceptance is still in the hands of the postal service, so I can’t use the job placement services yet.

As suspected I’ve had no visitors, and I’m curious if I ever will.  I have no plans to promote this blog in any way so any readers I get will have to find it themselves.  So either they’re randomly looking at blogs or searching for unemployment related blogs.


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