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Day 2, part 2

I logged back into VMware university today to finish up my VTSP certification.  I had 5 of 6 modules finished when I was let go so it only seemed right to finish the last one.  That’ll look good on my resume, but I guess I’m not going to get the golf shirt I was promised for completing it.  I also requested recommendations from a couple of former managers, we’ll see what hits I get.

I’ve been using the local public library as my job search headquarters.  The have some job finding resources and training, free wifi, and I don’t have to turn on my heat or use electricity at home.  Aside from the occassional bum and crazy person the main problem is the bathrooms.  They’re filthy and they reek.  I’ve started using the municiple building that’s next door, but I have to pack everything up and walk over there, which puts my seat next to the power outlet up for grabs.


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