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Day 6

Once again at the library.  I’ve gotten confirmation from the USPS that my severance agreement arrived yesterday and it should be processed by tomorrow.


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Day 5 and weekend round up

I took the weekend off from the job search.  My parents came over to take me and the wife out to lunch and a movie.  I clean ed out all the closets at the appartment as well.  It seems like a good time to declutter so its time to get rid of old comic books, computers, video games, books, etc.  That’ll give some extra cash so we don’t have to feel so poor.
Although we seem to be doing pretty well for me not having a job.  Between the severance package, savings, my wife’s income, and our tax return we can live pretty comfortably for quite a while.  That’s also why I want to get a new job quickly.  If I can find something within 2 months I’ll be substantially better off than my previous job.

Today’s todo list:

1.  Finish taxes

2.  Research unemployment

3.  Continue searching for jobs

4.  Fix clock on laptop (damn you linux)

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Day 2, part 2

I logged back into VMware university today to finish up my VTSP certification.  I had 5 of 6 modules finished when I was let go so it only seemed right to finish the last one.  That’ll look good on my resume, but I guess I’m not going to get the golf shirt I was promised for completing it.  I also requested recommendations from a couple of former managers, we’ll see what hits I get.

I’ve been using the local public library as my job search headquarters.  The have some job finding resources and training, free wifi, and I don’t have to turn on my heat or use electricity at home.  Aside from the occassional bum and crazy person the main problem is the bathrooms.  They’re filthy and they reek.  I’ve started using the municiple building that’s next door, but I have to pack everything up and walk over there, which puts my seat next to the power outlet up for grabs.

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Day 2

The weirdest part so far is the total cessation of what was my daily life.  The way I was dropped so suddenly from the day-to-day work life still leaves me with a feeling of things left undone.  What will happen with the projects I was working on?  Why do I still feel a responsibility for them?

From my list yesterday I’ve set up my gmail account, but still procrastinating on the resume.  I checked out some local job listings, but there doesn’t seem to be anything available that my experience would qualify me for.  My severance acceptance is still in the hands of the postal service, so I can’t use the job placement services yet.

As suspected I’ve had no visitors, and I’m curious if I ever will.  I have no plans to promote this blog in any way so any readers I get will have to find it themselves.  So either they’re randomly looking at blogs or searching for unemployment related blogs.

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Day 1

Where to start?  That’s probably the hardest part of the job search.  I’ve got a few resources available to me immediately, so I plan to make the most of those.  My severance package included job placement support for 60 days and that will start as soon as my former employer processes my severance agreement.  So what did I do today?

1.  Mailed off severance agreement.  I need to get that in to get my money and job placement

2.  Updated LinkedIn status.  I hope to make the most of this networking tool, although I have decidedly few connections here.

3.  Started this blog.  Yay.

What else do I need to do?

1.  Update resume.  The job placement service includes resume help, so I’ll probably wait a few days on this one.

2.  Get a new email account.  The old one from yahoo is full of junk and a gmail account will help me position myself as a more technology oriented (I think)

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Welcome to the Doldrums

I’m starting this blog to commemorate and document my new found unemployment.  Yesterday I was laid off from my position as a sales rep from a large computer manufacturer so to occupy some of my free time and to organize my thoughts I’m starting this blog.  I’m not planning on telling anyone about this blog so that I can let out whatever I need to here.  I’m not even expecting any traffic to find it.  I simply want to do this for myself to stay active and stay motivated on my job search.

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